In fact, Think Pink Aerolite in most cases is today referred to as Aerolite. However, there are many consumers who still remember the old Think Pink Aerolite of years ago. Aerolite is manufactured by Isover St Gobain. Isover is a French based company that has been in the building industry for almost 350 years.

With manufacturing plants in many countries world, wide Isover supplies most building products from ceiling boards to domestic insulation as well as industrial insulation products. Clearly the market leader in any form of insulation.

The millions of tons of insulation produced by Isover over hundreds of years of research and development has helped our environment without a doubt.


What Are The Uses of Think Pink Aerolite

The Think Pink Aerolite is used in all areas of the home. Let’s look at some of the applications of this Roof Insulation. Firstly Aerolite comes in thicknesses from 50mm/75mm/100mm/115mm as well as the Aerolite 135mm. This 135mm Aerolite is SANS compliant for the Western Cape region.

Think Pink Aerolite For Roofs in Homes

In homes all over the world as well as in South Africa Think Pink Aerolite Roof Insulation has been a favorite for nearly a century. This product has evolved over the years to the state of the art Roof Insulation product that it is today.

Installing SANS compliant Roof Insulation in homes is compulsory In South Africa as of January 2013. In most European countries this has been the case for many years.

The 135mm Aerolite Insulation will reduce the heat flow in or out of the home by as much as 90% through the ceiling space.

Aerolite Insulation will save energy by reducing the need for heating or cooling. In fact, in summer there is a difference of 4 to 8 degrees C.

It is estimated that in homes with Roof Insulation Installed correctly the insulation cost should be recovered in two to three years. And this is on energy saving alone. Thereafter the Roof Insulation will give many more years of free energy saving. Aerolite is very affordable for prices on Aerolite go to our Home page.

think pink aerolite save energy

Think Pink Aerolite For Walls

The Aerolite is ideal for walls. In fact, in wooden homes or American style homes insulated with Think Pink, the homes are far more comfortable.

It is a fact that brick walls will absorb heat on hot summer days making some parts of the home very hot. Homes insulated with Think Pink in the walls will not be affected by the heat in this way.

As the Aerolite Thermal Insulation has a great R-value that will reduce heat flow. Making the home far more energy efficient.

In fact Installing Aerolite Thermal Insulation in walls and Roof Space will also reduce noise levels. The insulation is ideal to use in between internal walls as well to reduce noise between rooms.

Think Pink Aerolite For Wooden Floors

The Think Pink is the best insulation product between floors. In homes with wooden floors. Ther is a whole application to follow in this application before building.

In most cases, we install two layers of 135mm Aerolite Think Pink. Aerolite has an NRC 1.1. (Noise Reduction Coefficient) This makes this insulation ideal for reducing noise between floors. However, there is a specific application for the entire floor and ceiling. Read this post to get more information on sound proofing wooden floors. 

think pink aerolite acoustic insulation

Geyser Insulation using Pink Aerolite

Energy In South Africa is rather expensive so anything we can do to save energy is great. Wrapping your hot water Geyser will reduce heat loss substantially with Aerolite Think Pink.

In fact, because has such great Thermal Insulation Properties the water temperature is not lost very easily with the Think Pink Insulation.

This means the thermostat does not kick in as often giving home owners years of energy saving.

Think Pink Aerolite Insulation For Hospitals

In fact, because Aerolite Thermal Insulation is so safe it is one of a few insulation products that can be used for insulating hospitals.

So why can’t polyester insulation types be used in hospitals? Simply the fire rating is not at the same level as the Aerolite Thermal Insulation. In fact, Aerolite has a Class A/A 1/1 fire rating this means this insulation won’t burn like other insulation products.



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