aerolite under floor insulation

Under Floor Insulation

This might seem a little strange to some people. However, this is an important factor in some homes. In fact, most of the older type homes with wooden floors need this type of application. Under Floor Insulation is installed from below the floor to prevent the cold air rising through the wooden floors. Homes with Roof Insulation installed are still very cold in winter. Insulating with Under Floor Insulation changes this dynamic totally.

Under Floor Insulation Benefits

Insulated homes will generally make the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. However in the older style homes with wooden floors, this can make the home colder in winter.

How is this possible you may ask? Wooden floors in some of the older homes have a cavity gap underneath the home. This space is designed to breather so air will flow through. In fact, this must not be blocked off as this will affect the wooden floors.

So the cold air blowing in the wind under the home on a cold winters day will make the home much colder even with Roof Insulation.

So to solve this issue we will climb in under the floor section and fit wire strainers under the floor and then feed the insulation through. This makes a barrier between the cold floor and the cold air under the home. Now with this under floor insulation fitted the home will be much warmer in winter. This insulation should be part of any home for warmer winters. 

Please note this installation is totally different to the Sound Proofing of wooden floors between upstairs and down stairs. That application is for sound proofing and this application is for temperature control.

Insulation Used For This Application

We prefer Aerolite Insulation being installed as this insulation has the best fire rating A/A 1/1. This means this insulation will not burn. In fact, many insulation products have a B/B 1/2 fire rating. This means the insulation will burn as long as there is a flame.

Installing Aerolite means you have no fear of your home going up in flames. For this application, we will generally install the 135mm Aerolite or the 100mm Aerolite. In fact, our Aerolite Installers are all very well trained in this type of installation.



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