installing aerolite insulation correctly

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly is very important when you have made the decision to insulate your home. In fact, selecting the right Roof Insulation is just as important.Roof Insulation products are not dirt cheap so making the right decision is very important. And by this we mean the product selected as well as the correct thickness of the Roof Insulation as well as the Roof Installation method.

In fact Installing the wrong Roof Insulation and installing this incorrectly is absolutely wasted money. So spend wisely and save money on heating and cooling your home for many years to come.

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly

To start with it is important to use the services of professionals in the insulation industry. Installing Aerolite Roof Insulation or any Roof Insulation is not just a matter of rolling the insulation out in the roof. All Roof Insulation products must be installed directly on the ceiling between the beams.

Choose Your Roof Insulation Wisely

Firstly make the right choice when it comes to the Roof Insulation of your home. Make sure to check out the new building legislation as of January 2013. Remember all provinces have been divided into zones and they must all achieve a specified R-value. The Western Cape region including Cape Town must install insulation with an R-value 3.70 when installed. This R-value will be achieved by installing the Aerolite 135mm Insulation. In fact, the installed R-value will be exceeded with the installed R-value being 3.78.

Cut The Aerolite Slightly Wider Than The Beams

Installing Aerolite Insulation fitted correctly is important as there must be no gaps. The Aerolite must be cut while still wrapped up. Lay the Aerolite roll over the beams and with a wood saw cut the roll a little wider than the beams. In fact, it should be cut about 50mm wider than the beams.

This will make it possible to cover between the beams with a nice snug fit. Remember you don’t want to have big gaps by cutting the insulation short. As this will allow a great deal of energy loss.

  • Please never roll the Aerolite or any roof insulation over the beams. In fact doing this will allow for large air pockets between the insulation and the ceiling. On hot summer days or cold winters, this will be a huge loss of energy to the home.
  • Important Factors Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly

  • All wiring in the roof space wherever possible must be lifted above the insulation.
  • All down lights must have a breathing hole above them as per the new legislation.
  • Cut all insulation at least 50mm wider than the beam widths. This will ensure that if the beams are slightly warped or skew you will still have full coverage.
  • Use the services of qualified Roof Insulation companies. That way you know that the insulation installed in your roof space will be done correctly giving years of energy saving. Also professional Roof Insulation Installers are well trained. Most important is that we have comprehensive insurance in the event of a disaster in the roof space. The roof space is not an easy area to work in if you are a part timer. There are many obstacles in the roof space that can cause serious damage.

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