It is a small price to pay to have your Geyser Insulation installed. However, the energy saving costs of this will be life long in most cases. All our Geyser  Blanket are completed with the 135mm Aerolite Insulation. In fact, this Aerolite has an R-value of 3.38 this is almost Four times efficient than commercially bought Geyser Insulation. The average price for Geyser Blanket installed is between R 750 and 950 depending on the size. Our Aerolite Installers wrap the Geyser with the 135mm Aerolite.

Geyser Insulation Benefits

Insulated Geysers will hold the heat in the tank far longer before the thermostat needs to kick in. This means that your heating cost will be reduced daily for many years.

In fact, it is beneficial to wrap the cold water pipes as well as this will reduce the need for the thermostat to kick in more often as well.

All new homes as of January 2013 must have the Geyser Insulation fitted to in order to reduce the cost of energy. The Aerolite is a high-density insulation product with great Thermal Insulation properties. In fact, the Aerolite lifespan is 25 to 35 years.

On a cold day when feeling the outside of the Geyser you will feel the warmth on the outside. This is energy being lost. When insulated the energy saving will be noticeable.


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