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Aerolite Geyser Insulation Blanket

It is a small price to pay to have your Geyser Insulation installed. However, the energy-saving costs of this will be lifelong in most cases. We install  135mm Aerolite as a Geyser Blanket. 

The Aerolite has an R-value of 3.38, almost Four times more efficient than commercially bought Geyser Insulation Blanket. The average price for Geyser Blanket installed is between R 750 and 950, depending on the size. Our Aerolite Installers wrap the Geyser with the 135mm Aerolite Blanket.

Hot Water Geyser Insulation with 135mm Geyser Blanket
Hot Water Geyser Insulation with 135mm Geyser Blanket

Geyser Blanket Benefits

A Geyser Blanket will hold the heat in the tank far longer before the thermostat needs to kick in. Homeowners will reduce heating costs daily for many years.

It is beneficial to wrap the cold water pipes and reduce the need for the thermostat to kick in more often.

The Aerolite is a high-density insulation product with excellent Thermal Insulation properties. All new homes as of January 2013 must have the Insulation fitted to the Geyser to reduce the cost of energy. The Aerolite lifespan is 25 to 35 years.

On a cold day, when feeling the Geyser outside, you will feel the warmth; energy is lost. When insulated, energy-saving will be noticeable.

What Is A Geyser Blanket

Commercially bought Geyser Blankets are produced from 40 or 50mm insulation. This is a waste of money. Our standard Geyser Blanket is the 135mm Aerolite Geyser Blanket. For this reason, we cut the 135mm Aerolite Insulation to fit any Geyser.

Hot Water Pipe Insulation

We wrap hot water pipes with the 135mm Aerolite Insulation to reduce heat loss in the pipes. Hot water pipe insulation retains the warm water in the pipes for an extended period resulting in less energy consumption. On the other hand, the cold water pipes will get extremely hot on a summer’s day. For this reason, many homeowners insulate the cold water pipes to prevent the children from getting burned by hot water.

Benefits Of Insulating Your Geyser

Insulating your Geyser has many benefits. However, the most important is energy saving. Insulated Hot Water Geysers save 25% of energy usage. A hot water Geyser accounts for 35% of electricity usage in the home. 

What Is Geyser Blanket Price?

Our geyser blanket is custom made for each application. We install the 135mm Aerolite Geyser Blanket over the geyser . Once completed we fit Alucushion Sisalation foil for added protection. Please note this type of Geyser Insulation is nothing like the flimsy commercially produced 40mm thick insulation types. The average Geyser Blanket Price is R 900 to R1200 depending on the size. By insulating our Geyser we will save energy.

Pipe Insulation

When insulating your hot water Geyser it makes sense to insulate the Hot water pipes. We fit the 135mm Aerolite around the hot water pipes. As a result, the hot water pipes will hold the heat for an extended period. 

Many homeowners insulate their cold water pipes. Insulating the cold pipes is ideal for families with little ones as it prevents them from getting burned with hot water on hot days. Hot water pipes will lose heat in the pipes on a cold day. Reduce heat loss in hot water pipes saves energy.