Our Aerolite Price list is listed below. For DIY installers or Builders, we have a DIY VIDEO to ensure the perfect installation. Remember any insulation installed incorrectly is an absolute waste of money. It is essential to be sure how to cut the Aerolite and install the rolls correctly for a lifetime of energy saving and home comfort.

Aerolite Price For DIY Installers From R253.49 – R406.33 Depending on Thickness

Aerolite Installers SA install Aerolite as well as supply Aerolite Roof Insulation to Building Contractors and Developers. However, we have noticed a trend in the last few years that more and more consumers want to install insulation as a DIY Project.

Over the last few years, a few contractors have given almost all reputable contractors a lousy reputation for shocking quality. For this reason, many homeowners fit Aerolite Roof Insulation themselves.

As a result, we offer a free DIY Tutorial video on how to install and cut Aerolite correctly. The tutorial video will also give hints and tips on how to handle downlights in the roof space as well as other dangers that can be a problem. Please confirm current prices with our office.


For DIY Aerolite Installers, this video will give you all the info on how to Cut Aerolite and install correctly.

Aerolite Installed Price From R 45.00m2 – R 85.00m2

Our Aerolite Installed Prices will vary depending on the product selected. The Aerolite Installed Prices start from R 45.00m2 up to R 85.00m2 depending on the thickness of the Aerolite as well as additional services that we may offer.

For Aerolite DIY Installers Buy Direct Or Get A Fully Installed Price Here

Aerolite is available in several roll sizes and thicknesses. There is an Aerolite product for all Climatic zones in South Africa. Choosing the correct insulation for your region is essential to maximize your home comfort and energy saving.

Aerolite Roll Prices From R253.49 – R406.33 Per Roll

Do you want the best Aerolite Price in SA contact us? Our latest price list is discounted by almost 30%. So take advantage of these never to be seen prices again. Give your home a makeover. Installing the right insulation for your region will give many years of home comfort and energy saving.

Select an Aerolite Thickness that will suit any budget. Aerolite Prices range from R 20 per M2 to R 60 perM2. Above all, Aerolite Price should be the highest in SA. However, Aerolite Price is one of the most affordable Roof Insulation products on the market in South Africa.

Aerolite Insulation Lifespan

As a result of many years of R&D, Think Pink Aerolite has evolved many times over the years. Therefore Aerolite is now regarded as not only one of the safest insulation for homes, schools and hospitals the insulation will outlast the lifespan of most homes.


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