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How Insulation Saves Energy

How Insulation Saves Energy

How Insulation Saves Energy

Many clients are confused about How Insulation Saves Energy. It is very scary to think of our planet without Insulation. I am not sure what type of life we would have on earth now without Insulation.

All forms of industry require large amounts of Insulation to reduce the need for energy. Every manufacturing plant in the country needs Insulation, including Oil Refineries and food manufacturers and shopping malls.

How Insulation Saves Energy

If one considers the amount of energy that most major manufacturing plants use to reduce the amount of energy usage. Massive plants like Alusaf in Richards Bay manufacturing Aluminium will use more energy than two or three suburbs in the Cape. This, in turn, reduces the product cost to consumers.

Now consider the amount of energy that would have been wasted if there had not been Insulation at these plants to reduce the energy loss. They will spend millions a year on Insulation to save energy. This is a classic example of How Insulation Saves Energy. Read this interesting article on the Alusaf energy consumption and the cost thereof.

How Insulation Saves Energy In Your Home

How Insulation Saves Energy In your home is the same as the example above. Roof Insulation is now compulsory in all homes as of January 2013. This is to force South Africans to save energy.

It is estimated that the correct Roof Insulation products like the Aerolite 135mm will pay for itself in two to three years. This is great as the insulation product has a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. This means you will have many years of energy saving.

How Insulation Save Energy is by reducing the need for energy. For example, in your home, Roof Insulation products like the Aerolite 135mm will make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This, in turn, will reduce the need for expensive energy.

The Aerolite 135mm will reduce heat flow in the home by 4 to 8 degrees. Check out the Aerolite Specifications page for more data.

The world Without Insulation Would Be a Disaster.

Imagine our environment without Insulation. Think of global warming and the Ozone layer. Many scientists believe there would be no life on earth by now. Insulation is one of the best ways of reducing the impact of global warming. Thermal Insulation minimises the need for energy.

So think twice before wasting energy. Let’s look after our planet for many generations to come.

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