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best roof insulation

There are many Roof Insulation Products on the market in South Africa and through out the world. Let us have a look at what is classified as the Best Roof Insulation. In South Africa, we have fiberglass insulation products like Think Pink Aerolite as well as the polyester products like Isotherm and Cellulose paper.

We install all types of Roof Insulation that are regarded as SANS compliant. However, the only Roof Insulation product that WE WILL NOT USE IS CELLULOSE PAPER. This in our opinion is more because of the health side effects and chemical compound.

Best Roof Insulation Products

In this post, we will look at the main insulation product types and see how they stack up against each other. It is not always easy to do comparisons like this, however, we need to look at what the main points are.

Aerolite Roof Insulation

Aerolite Roof Insulation is known to be one of the best Roof Insulation products in the world. In fact, throughout Europe and the UK, the insulation product of choice is the Think Pink Aerolite. Why is this the case you may ask?

# Fire rating A/A 1/1 this means that Aerolite will not burn. In fact putting a blow torch to this insulation will still not burn. In fact, this is why Aerolite is used in most shopping centers and hospitals. Fire rating is very important in homes as this is one of the biggest investments that you will make. So before making a decision on your insulation do a fire test.

# R-value is the next most important factor. The Think Pink Aerolite Thermal Insulation has the highest R-value in its class. So this insulation product is SANS compliant for all regions. And because it is a roll form insulation that has a lifespan of 25 to 35 years you are covered. In fact, Aerolite Insulation will not readily collapse

# Not only is the Aerolite 135mm the most popular insulation product that we supply and install. It has, in fact, got the best NRC 1.1 ( Noise Reduction Coefficient ) This product is great for sound proofing.

# Aerolite will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. This, in turn, saves energy.

Polyester Roof Insulation Products

There are a number of Polyester Roof Insulation products, however, most of the polyester products are not very consistent. We have found the Isotherm to be the most consistent and we install the Isotherm 145mm Insulation.

# Fire rating B/B 1 / 2 this means that Isotherm will burn with whatever is burning but will not sustain a flame. The fire rating is of a little concern, however, this fire rating is the best of the polyester insulation products. Not for use in hospitals. In fact, Isotherm or any Polyester insulation will readily burn even with a match.  However when the match dies the flame on the Isotherm Dies.

# R-value as mentioned is very important as mentioned earlier. Isotherm has a good R-value and is slightly below the Aerolite Insulation. The Isotherm 145mm Insulation is SANS compliant for the Western Cape region. The Isotherm 100mm 11.5 kg density is SANS compliant for KZN. However the Isotherm 100mm 10Kg density is not SANS compliant for KZN. The R-value on this product is far too low.

# NRC In fact Isotherm is not well known for sound proofing or reducing noise levels.

# Isotherm will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. And of course, will save on energy.

  • Cellulose Fiber Insulation

In our 30 years in the industry, this is a product that we will not install. Our main concern is the chemical cocktail of as much as 25%.

This is a concern for us as we remove tons of cellulose per month with our industrial vacuum machine and most clients are removing the product for health or water damage reasons.

Some believe the Cellulose does not work effectively. However, we don’t believe this is the case. The main reason why cellulose is not effective in our opinion is that the wind shifts the insulation as it is a loose dust type insulation.

# Fire rating of Cellulose is a hotly contested issue. When Cellulose has been installed the product has a B/B 1/2 fire rating. However, this is short lived as the cellulose looses its fire retardancy. In our opinion Cellulose should not be used on coastal areas as the moisture affects the insulation. Old Cellulose insulation has a tendency to smolder when there is a flame. In most cases, this will not happen when the insulation is first installed. This only happens after about 5 years.

# R-value of cellulose insulation is very difficult to ascertain as the insulation is blown into the roof space. This, unfortunately, means there is no exact Science on the thickness of this Roof Insulation. Although the product has a stated R-value 3.70 for the Western Cape I find this difficult to accept. The other problem with loose paper Roof Insulation is wind. We find heaps of cellulose on one side and very little on the other side.

# NRC and Sound proofing. Cellulose has a reasonable NRC, however, this is difficult to quantify as the product can not be sprayed exactly at the right thickness.

  1. Think Pink Aerolite Roof Insulation

The Think Pink Aerolite Roof Insulation is still regarded as one of the Best Roof Insulation products available for the last 100 years. And in my opinion, this will be the same for the next 100 years.

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