Aerolite Insulation is Eco-friendly ceiling insulation for homes. Installing Aerolite directly against the ceiling between the beams will give the best result. Our Aerolite Installers are all well trained and fully supervised from start to finish. Above all, installing insulation incorrectly is a waste of money.

For DIY installers welcome to our home. We supply a full DIY Aerolite Installers video to help you with the project. Think Pink Aerolite is simple to install once the basics are understood. Importantly the cutting of the Aerolite is shown in detail. Additionally, the ways to fit Aerolite Insulation correctly is detailed. Most Importantly, how to deal with Downlights and electrical wiring in the roof space is covered in the DIY Aerolite Installer Video.

What To Expect From Our Aerolite Installers

Firstly all work undertaken by Aerolite Installers SA is guaranteed. Also, we have fully comprehensive insurance on all work undertaken by us. And to date, we have never had to submit a claim. Working in the roof space as we know comes with several obstacles that can cause substantial damage. For this reason, our Aerolite Installers are continuously undergoing training.

In other words, when we install your ceiling insulation, you can sit back relax. Furthermore, there is no dust when we leave your home is like it was before we arrived. Above all, the only noticeable difference in the house will be an improvement in indoor comfort.


Aerolite Insulation Manufactured With New TEL Fiberizing Technology Increasing Thermal Performance.

Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer With Aerolite

Aerolite Insulation

The New TEL FIBERIZING TECHNOLOGY that Aerolite in manufacture with is the most advanced. As a result, the New Aerolite is BIOSOUBLE and safer than many household products found in most kitchens. For this reason, the World Health Organisation has given the new Aerolite a 111 rating.


Aerolite Specifications

Aerolite is a pink, high quality, Glasswool thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation bonded with an insert, thermosetting resin.

The durable, resilient, flexible blankets are supplied in compression packed rolls and are easy to cut and install.

Geyser Insulation

It is a small price to pay to have your Geyser Insulation installed.

However, the energy saving costs of this will be life long in most cases. All our Geyser Blanket are completed with the 135mm Aerolite Insulation.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Buy Direct

Need Roof Insulation now check out our special deals. The Aerolite Thermal Insulation prices are on existing available stock. Buy now and save. For a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter. In fact, Roof Insulation Western Cape stock all of the Aerolite Thermal Insulation thicknesses.

Get The Best Aerolite Installers For Your Insulation Needs

    • All our Aerolite Installers are permanent staff, and most have been with the company for many years. Our Aerolite Installers are like family.
    • All Roof Installation work carried out by us is fully supervised from start to finish. We leave nothing to chance.
    • All our Roof Insulation Installers are well trained and will always go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients are happy.
    • We are confident that all our installations are the best in the industry. All workmanship is covered by our 5-year guarantee.
    • This comprehensive insurance is for peace of mind in the event of a disaster. As we all know this is always a possibility.
    • This is why we are so careful in all our installations and highly qualified Insulation installers are so important.
    • The roof space of a home is space where significant damage can be done in the house with unskilled workers. The electrical wires hot water pipes, as well as flimsy ceilings, can cause considerable damage.

Benefits of Using Professional Aerolite Installers

Most of our Aerolite Installers have installed Aerolite in more than 3000 homes. Resulting in a wealth of experience over the years.

Many homeowners will try using some Gumtree guy to install or a street corner specialist. Firstly the cost will be higher. As we buy the product at prices that most small to medium operators would not be able to get. Secondly, their experience can be a problem in most cases.

  • Aerolite Insulation is a significant investment for your home. All homeowners
  • As a result, fitting correctly is vital for years of home comfort and energy saving.

Professional Insulation installers will always install the Roof Insulation correctly and will always advise homeowners on what insulation is SANS compliant.

Would You Like an Aerolite Installed Price

Should you need, an Aerolite Installed Price give us a call or fill in our Quote Request Form for the best Aerolite Installed price in SA.

Roof Insulation has large stock volumes of all Aerolite Insulation Products from the 50mm/75mm/100mm and the 135mm Aerolite SANS compliant for Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Benefits of Our Installed Aerolite Price

Firstly our Aerolite Installed Prices are unmatched in the Cape Town Region.

Our Aerolite Installers are all well trained, and they specialize in Aerolite Installations.

Aerolite Insulation will be installed correctly so you will get the maximum benefit. Remember any Roof Insulation not installed correctly is an absolute waste of money.

All electrical wires were possible will be lifted above the Aerolite Insulation. This is very important to reduce the prospect of electrical contractors etc. having to lift the Roof Insulation when repairing electrical faults.

All down-lights must have a breathing hole above them to prevent the potential for fire damage.

Each Team of Aerolite Installers is fully supervised from start to finish. We leave nothing to chance.

Self Install or DIY Aerolite Installers

  1. We offer a direct call facility for Homeowners, Contractors, and Developers who buy the Aerolite directly from us.
  2. We help and encourage homeowners who can install Aerolite in a DIY fashion.
  3. Our goal is to make sure that the Aerolite Insulation that you purchase from us will be a good investment that will give you years of energy-saving and comfort.

How To Purchase Your Aerolite Insulation

  1. DIY Aerolite Products can be ordered and paid for on-site.
  2. Aerolite products can also be paid for using EFT.
  3. Aerolite Installed prices can also be paid by EFT or Credit card on the day of Installation.

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