Aerolite Prices

Think Pink Aerolite is available in four sizes 135mm, 100mm, 75mm and 50mm thick. Pink Aerolite is the original roof insulation product that has been on the market for more than 70 years. Importantly Aerolite insulation has evolved many times over the years and today Aerolite is regarded as one of the most advanced insulation products on the market. Our Aerolite Prices are the best in the country.

Aerolite Prices

Aerolite prices vary fro R 295 per roll to R470 per roll on the flagship 135mm Aerolite.

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  • Aerolite 135mm Price
    Aerolite Prices

    Aerolite 135mm Price


    Highest grade roof insulation on the market. Aerolite Insulation manufactured with TEL Fiberizing technology for more advanced thermal insulation benefits.

    The Only Insulation Specified For Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.

  • Aerolite 100mm Price
    Aerolite Prices

    Aerolite 100mm Price


    100mm Aerolite is specified for KZN. However, in the Western Cape, the 100mm Aerolite is installed as a top-up in homes under-insulated.

    Only Aerolite Insulation is specified for Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.

  • Aerolite 75mm Price
    Aerolite Prices

    Aerolite 75mm Price


    75mm Aerolite Insulation is ideal as a popup on existing 75mm Insulation in order to increase the required R-value.

  • Aerolite 50mm Price
    Aerolite Prices

    Aerolite 50mm Price

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    50mm Aerolite Insulation is also Non-combustible and is ideal as a Top-up.

    The Only Insulation Specified For Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.