Aerolite is a pink, high quality, Glasswool thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation that is bonded with an inert, thermosetting resin. The durable, resilient, flexible blankets are supplied in compression packed rolls and are easy to cut and install.

The Aerolite Specifications page is an essential read before making your choice for roof insulation. Before your Aerolite Installers insulates your home be aware of the Aerolite Specifications to have a lifetime of energy saving

Aerolite Specifications

Quality Management System

Aerolite products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000.
Aerolite products are manufactured according to ISO 14001:2004. Less material, less energy, and fewer emissions

  • Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP)
  • Zero global warming potential (GWP)

Features and Benefits

  • Lifelong energy savings
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic properties
  • Safe application and use
  • Maintenance free
  • Long product life – will not readily age
  • SABS mark (SABS 1381 part 1)
  • Compression packed to reduce volume and optimize transport and storage

Fire Properties

Class A/1 Fire rating. In fact, Aerolite will not burn.Non-combustible – tested to SANS 10177-5

Thermal Properties

Contributes to indoor comfort and contributes to lifelong savings by reducing heat loss/gain due to its inherent thermal insulation properties.

Acoustic Properties

Offers exceptional acoustic properties and enhances indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise. Aerolite ceiling insulation reduces the sound transmission to and from a room.

Aerolite Applications

  • Residential buildings
  • Retrofit in existing homes
  • Top up insulation
  • Non-residential buildings


  • Odorless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components
  • Aerolite will not promote corrosion of steel, copper or aluminum
  • Will not sustain vermin
  • In fact, Aerolite will not breed or promote fungi, mold or bacteria
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • In fact, Dust settlement will not hamper the Aerolite product’s performance.
aerolite specifications

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