Aerolite Insulation is the most advanced insulation available. Aerolite manufactured with the new TEL Fiberizing technology with improved Performance. Consequently, Aerolite Insulation is Eco-friendly insulation with a lifespan of 25 – 50 years.

Firstly the new Aerolite with TEL Fiberizing Technology is the recommended product for Hospitals, Schools, Shopping malls and homes. An important factor as very few roof insulation products can be installed in high volume public areas because of the safety of large numbers of people. Installing products like Cellulose Blow in Paper and Polyester Type insulation products is not permitted in areas where there is a high concentration of people. However, they may be installed in homes.

World Health Organisation gives Aerolite Rating 111. The Aerolite insulation is Bio-soluble and is safer than many kitchen products, including certain processed food products. In particular, Aerolite is Biosoluble for any insulation to achieve this is great.

Aerolite Insulation Cool In Summer

Aerolite Thermal Insulation reduces the temperature in the home by as much as 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. Reducing the need for expensive cooling costs.

As we know energy, whether this is for heating or cooling is expensive. Once the insulation is installed, it is maintenance free. How Aerolite Insulation effects the temperature in summer is simple.

As the roof space warms up the heat pressure buildup increases with this. In fact, in many homes on a hot summer day, we get readings of as much as 58 degrees on the ceiling.

Unfortunately, this is like underfloor heating only this is above your head. Reducing this heat gain will lower the temperature in the home substantially.

How Aerolite Insulation effects the temperature in summer is simple. As the roof space warms up the heat pressure buildup increases with this.

Aerolite For Warmer Home In Winter

In winter the Thermal Insulation will reduce the heat flow out of the home. The Ceiling is icy in winter, and as all heat in the home rises, this is lost to the ceiling space. Installing Thermal Insulation for your roof will improve the winter chill substantially.

Most homes can expect an improvement in temperature of between 4-8 DegC with Aerolite.

Installing Thermal Insulation for your roof will improve the winter chill substantially. More than 35% of all heat is lost through the ceiling into the roof space. As a result, Aerolite will reduce this heat loss as much as 90%.

Installing SANS compliant Ceiling Insulation will reduce the heat flow loss through the ceiling by as much as 90%.

When the use of a fireplace or heater is used, one will notice that the entire home starts warming up. The heat generated in the house is kept in the home.


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Aerolite Insulation is one of the oldest forms of Roof Insulation. In fact, Think Pink Aerolite has been on the market for over 100 years. From humble beginnings, Aerolite has evolved over the years to the state of the art Insulation product that it is today.

In fact, Think Pink Aerolite has the best fire rating A/A 1/1 this means this Roof Insulation product will not burn. Considering that many home fires result in the roof space or from electrical wiring. It makes absolute sense to install a Roof Insulation product that will not burn. The potential for Aerolite Insulation to stop the flame is great.

Three Main Factors Selecting Aerolite Insulation

#1 Firstly the Insulation must have the best fire rating. As your home is a big investment. Aerolite has the highest Fire Rating A/1 Aerolite will not burn. No other Insulation carries this fire rating.

#2 All insulation being installed should be SANS compliant as well as SABS approved.

#3 Insulation should be a roll form so it does not get affected by the wind or absorb water.

Although the new Aerolite Insulation still has a slight itch factor when installing. This most certainly will not affect the homeowner. When Installed the Aerolite can be left alone for many years and this product requires no maintenance.

Rather have a safe home for your family and your investment. Install Think Pink Aerolite. For more info Contact Us

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Aerolite Insulation Benefits

    • Cool in Summer with Think Pink Aerolite
    • Warmer in Winter with Think Pink Aerolite
    • Great Acoustic and soundproofing benefits
    • Safe to use this Insulation is approved for hospitals.
    • Save energy on heating and cooling
    • Fire Rating Class A/1 Aerolite Insulation will not burn (Non-Combustible)
    • SABS approved All Aerolite Ceiling Insulation products are SABS approved
    • SANS compliant as per the new building legislation
    • Lifespan 25 to 30 years
    • Insulation products will reduce the Effects of mold in the home

Aerolite Sound Proofing Benefits

The 135mm Aerolite has a Noise Reduction Coefficient 1.1 NRC this is great for reducing noise in the home or office.

Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd installs this Insulation as soundproofing in clubs as well as pubs to reduce the impact of noise pollution in these establishments.

As a large percentage of noise pollution comes through the roof it is important to insulate these areas correctly to reduce the impact of noise.

Is Aerolite Safe To Use?

All tests done over many years have proved that there are no associated health risks with Think Pink Aerolite.

In fact, the modern Aerolite Insulation is the best in the world in my opinion. We Install all types of Insulation products and Aerolite is our product of choice.

In fact, the Aerolite products are approved for use in hospitals. This insulation product has the best fire rating of all insulation products. So for the safety of patients, 135mm Aerolite is Installed.

Save Energy And Money With Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation that is SANS compliant will reduce the need for costly heating or cooling. In fact, this is made possible as the Thermal Insulation will reduce heat loss or gain by as much as 90%.

The Thermal Insulation if installed correctly will pay for itself in two to three years. Thereafter giving many years of energy saving.

Aerolite Insulation has The Best Fire Rating

In fact, with the A/1 fire rating, Aerolite will not burn. There are no fire retardants with Aerolite Insulation, however, the insulation is naturally fire resistant.

The fire rating is so good on this insulation that a blowtorch can be pointed at the insulation with extreme flame and the insulation will not ignite.

In fact, this makes Aerolite Insulation one of the safest Ceiling Insulation products. Your home is always one of your best investments. Install Aerolite Insulation and don’t let your home go up in flames.

aerolite insulation is sabs approved

Aerolite is SABS Approved

All Aerolite Thermal Insulation Products are SABS approved. This means the product is manufactured to the highest standards.

In fact, the manufacturers Isover St Gobain are a massive Insulation company with manufacturing plants throughout the world.

Isover is one of the main producers of Roof Insulation as well as industrial insulation products in Europe.

Aerolite Roof Insulation is Sans Compliant

In fact, as of January 2013, all new homes that are built must comply with the SANS legislation. This is that all homes must install Roof Insulation with a specific R-value for the region that your home is in.

The country has been divided into Zones. The Western Cape must have an R-value of 3.70 when the Roof Insulation is installed. This R-value 3.70 is achieved with the 135mm Aerolite Insulation.


Aerolite Insulation Lifespan

The Insulation lifespan on Aerolite is 25 to 35 years. This Roof Insulation Product will outlast most homes.

Aerolite will not rot or collapse with time as the products are manufactured from recycled glass and naturally occurring silica sand. In fact, this insulation is regarded as eco-friendly.

Aerolite Insulation Reduces the Impact Of Mold

Installing Aerolite Ceiling Insulation on the ceiling of your home will help reduce the impact of mold in the home.

Mold is generally created in homes that are leaking cold air in winter and lack of insulation. Improving the temperature in the home in most cases will reduce mold considerably.

Aerolite Installers

All our Aerolite Installers are well trained and are all permanent staff.
All Ceiling Insulation work is covered by our 5-year guarantee.
Workmanship fully supervised from start to finish.
As Roof Insulation Installers we have fully comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.

Aerolite Insulation Price From R 253.00 TO R406.00 Per Roll

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Our price per roll for the DIY installer or the builder installer are the best in the Cape.

For homeowners or contractors who would like to self-install we offer a direct call service for people who have bought the Aerolite from Roof Insulation Western Cape.


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