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The Aerolite FAQs page gives all the information needed to make the right choice. We encourage users to ask us any additional Aerolite Frequently Asked Questions.

Aerolite FAQ'S

Many homeowners want to know will Aerolite Burn? In fact, Aerolite Insulation has one of the highest fire ratings in South Africa. This Insulation has a Class A/1 fire rating. This means that Aerolite will not burn or sustain a flame. Aerolite is not combustible as it is manufactured from recycled glass. The Think Pink Aerolite approved for hospitals and nursing homes because of the great fire rating. In fact, Think Pink Aerolite has one of the best fire ratings of all Roof Insulation available.

This is one of the most important factors when installing Aerolite. How Aerolite should be installed is the most important part after selecting the correct thickness of Roof Insulation. All provinces have different R-values to install. Making the right choice for your region is very important.

How We Should install Aerolite 

  • Firstly, the 135mm Aerolite should be installed in all Western Cape homes.
  • The Aerolite Insulation must be laid flat on the ceiling, leaving no gaps.
  • Do not fit the insulation following the roof contour or pitch.
  • Make sure all downlights have breathing holes in the insulation. If this is not done, you could be creating a fire hazard, especially with the 40watt lights. These lights can reach temperatures of up to 270 degrees C.
  • Preferably make use of a Professional Aerolite Installer.
  • For more info on how to install Aerolite DIY visit this page.

N fact, the Aerolite Winter Benefits are great. This Roof Insulation has one of the best R-values in its class. One of the most important Aerolite winter benefits is this insulation’s ability to save energy and save you money.

Aerolite Winter Benefits

There are many Aerolite Winter Benefits lets have a look at a few. Firstly Aerolite Thermal Insulation will outlast most homes, so you have many years of energy saving. Aerolite reduces the heat flow out of the home, retaining a comfortable temperature. The Aerolite Insulation does this by acting as a barrier between the cold air in the ceiling and the warm air. As we know, cold air is heavy and will sink the Ceiling Insulation will prevent this from happening if the correct R-value for insulation is installed. In the same manner, the heat from above is reduced by 90% in summer.

  • Aerolite will retain heat loss out of the home in winter.
  • Improve the indoor comfort levels by as much as 4 to 8 degrees C.
  • Years of Energy Saving Aerolite will pay for itself on energy saving alone in two to three years.
  • Aerolite is also non-combustible with a Class A/A 1/1 fire rating for your peace of mind.

Read up on the Aerolite Specifications to make the right choice.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation will reduce the energy loss in the home by as much as 35%. The majority of heat loss in the home is through the ceiling into the roof space. Installing Think Pink Aerolite on the ceiling will reduce this heat loss by as much as 90%. As we know, heat rises as hot air is lighter. As the heat makes contact with the cold ceiling, it is lost into the roof space. Installing 135mm Aerolite will stop this heat loss by up to 90% through the roof space. Having Aerolite Installed in the roof space will reduce the need for heating in winter. In fact, in many homes, the need for expensive heating is reduced substantially as the home’s heat is reduced. As long as the windows in the home are closed, the heat will be retained. When the sun shines into the home, you have free warm energy that is retained in the home. In rooms where the sun is shining into the home in winter is great and is one of the best Winter Benefits of Aerolite as the heat that comes in is now stored in the home. In homes where fires are used, such as combustion fireplaces. There is no need to run the fire for most of the day or evening as the home will heat up very quickly and stay in the home. This is why this product is so good. In most cases, a temperature difference of 4 to 8 degrees will be felt in most homes due to the Winter Benefits of Aerolite. Isover St Gobain in France manufactures aerolite.

There are many benefits to installing Aerolite in your home. However, the Summer Benefits of Aerolite is one of the best. The 135mm Aerolite Thermal Insulation will reduce your home temperature by as much as 4 to 8 degrees C. How this works is quite simple. The Aerolite must be laid flat on the ceiling, leaving no gaps. For Thermal Insulation to work at its best, any Roof Insulation must be laid on the ceiling. As the heat builds up the ceiling pressure, the Aerolite Insulation slows the heat flow down by up to 90%. This means that the need for Air conditioners will be reduced substantially. Therefore saving energy in the home. In fact, it has been estimated the Roof Insulation of the correct type like Aerolite should pay for itself in two to three years. This means many years of free energy saving. For the best Aerolite prices in the country give us a call. We support DIY Aerolite Installers as well as developers and building contractors. Buy Aerolite Online and Save Money in the Western Cape region only for Online product.

For any information on Aerolite, products give us a call. We have more than 30 years of experience in the Roof Insulation industry.

Here are no known Harmful Effects Of Aerolite. In fact, over the years, Aerolite Insulation has been the most tested Insulation product in the world. Opposition to Aerolite has spent millions trying to prove that Aerolite was harmful and potentially Cancerous. All these tested cases have proved to be negative. Most parts of Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand install Aerolite Thermal Insulation as standard.

No Harmful Effects Of Aerolite

Aerolite is manufactured from 80% recycled bottles and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. Neither of these is harmful. Glass fibre insulation has one of the world’s best fire ratings. Aerolite insulation will not burn, and in no way will this insulation sustain a flame. In fact, in our homes and cars and at the office, glass fibre has been everywhere as installers of Aerolite for more than 30 years. With the direct handling of the Aerolite insulation, we have never had staff sick due to glass fibre. Unlike paper insulation, Aerolite does not need a chemical cocktail. Up to 25% of chemicals with fire retardants and rat poison etc. When Aerolite is laid, it does not get affected by the wind. So there is no problem being in the roof space. In our opinion of all the Roof Insulation products that we distribute and install, glass fibre insulation is safest. For more info on Aerolite benefits, read our Aerolite specifications page.