Aerolite 135mm Price

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Highest grade roof insulation on the market. Aerolite Insulation manufactured with TEL Fiberizing technology for more advanced thermal insulation benefits. Our Aerolite Installers fit the 135mm Aerolite for the best results.

The Only Insulation Specified For Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.

All new homes built as of January 2013 must install Roof Insulation products that achieve the correct R-value for the region that they live in. In fact, the compulsory R-value 3.70 is for the Western Cape. This R-value will be achieved with the 135mm Aerolite Thermal Insulation. The Aerolite 135mm Price is discounted by 25%.

135mm Aerolite Specifications

  • – R-value: 3.38
  • – Installed R-value: 3.78
  • – SANS compliant
  • – SABS approved
  • – 5 Mtrs per roll, Dimensions 5000 x 1200 x 135mm (6m2 per roll)
  • – NRC (Noise  reduction coefficient) 1.1
  • – Package Volume Per Roll (m3): 0.250
  • – Fire Rating: A/1 Non-Combustible (This insulation will not burn)

Aerolite 135mm Price For Contractors and DIY

This is the flagship of all Roof Insulation Products. The 135mm Aerolite is SANS compliant with an installed R-value 3.78. This is great for the DIY installer as well as the contractors. The Aerolite 135mm Price has been marked down on all existing stock.

Benefits of Installing Aerolite 135mm

There are many benefits for installing the Aerolite 135mm. This Roof Insulation Product is one of the best Ceiling Insulation products available.

  1. Cool in Summer
  2. Warm in Winter
  3. Sabs approved
  4. Life-Long energy saving
  5. Class A/1 fire rating this insulation will not burn. In fact, in homes where downlights are installed, this Aerolite is the best. The Aerolite will not burn with the flames.
  6. For more info on Aerolite Specifications, read this page.

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  1. Bob Builder

    Insulation that works. every one of our clients that have had the 135mm Aerolite installed are happy.

    • Roof Insulations

      Hey Bob good to hear from you. You right the Aerolite is the best. Thanks for the support.

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