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100mm Aerolite is specified for KZN. However, in the Western Cape, the 100mm Aerolite is installed as a top-up in homes under-insulated. Contact our Aerolite Installers for a lifetime of home comfort and energy saving.

Only Aerolite Insulation is specified for Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.

100mm Aerolite is SANS Compliant for KZN

Our Aerolite 100mm Price is mostly for contractors and developers. We have, however, opted to give this price to all users as well as all installers. The main reasoning behind this is to try and get as many as possible homes to be SANS compliant.

The Western Cape must Install the Aerolite Thermal Insulation achieving the R-value of 3.70. So the Aerolite 100mm will be ideal for homes with the old 50mm or 75mm installed years ago. This will then make these homes SANS compliant. All Aerolite products are SABS approved.

  • R-value: 2.50
  • – Installed R-value: 2.90
  • – SANS compliant
  • – SABS approved
  • – 6 Mtrs per roll, Dimensions 6000 x 1200 x 100mm (7.2 m2 per roll)
  • – NRC (Noise  reduction coefficient) 1.0
  • – Package Volume Per Roll (m3): 0.265
  • – Fire Rating: A/1 Non-Combustible (This insulation will not burn)

Aerolite 100mm Price Supply Only.

The Aerolite 100mm Roll Price is marked down by 10.24% for all buyers. This will include Developers and Contractors as well as the DIY homeowner. For homeowners on a budget, the 100mm Aerolite is a steal. You pay the price as listed above, and this includes VAT while stocks last.

The Think Pink Aerolite is one of the oldest forms of Roof Insulation on the market. Aerolite has been a product of choice for more than 100 years.

For Aerolite Installers that need more info, visit our Aerolite Specifications page to make the right choice on insulation.

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