Aerolite 75mm
8000 x 1200 x 75mm Thick
aerolite 75mm price
(R33.39 per m2)
  • Thickness: 75mm
  • Area Roll: 9.6m2
  • Length: 8m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • R-value: 1.88
  • Installed R-value: 2.28
  • Mass: 9kg
  • Volume (m3): 0.231

Aerolite 75mm Price

  • – R value: 1.88
  • – Installed R value: 2.28
  • – SANS compliant
  • – SABS approved
  • – 8 Mtrs per roll, Dimensions 8000 x 1200 x 75mm (8 m2 per roll)
  • – NRC (Noise ┬áreduction coefficient) 0.95
  • – Package Volume Per Roll (m3): 0.189
  • – Fire Rating: A/1 Non Combustible (This insulation will not burn)



Once again our Aerolite 75mm Price is unmatched. All our Aerolite products are SABS approved and there is a SANS compliant version for all applications. Install Aerolite because it has the best Fire Rating of all insulation products. A class 1 fire rating means that Aerolite will not burn.

The 75mm Aerolite rolls are perfect for retrofit in all existing homes pre 2012. However, we do recommend that the Aerolite 75mm be used as a top up on homes that have already got at least 75mm Aerolite. This will then make the home SANS compliant as per the new legislation.

Aerolite 75mm Price

Our Aerolite 75mm Price is on special and is also marked down by 10.24% as per the prices above. So the Aerolite Price that you see is the price that you will pay. All Aerolite products are regarded as Eco-friendly insulation products as they are manufactured from 80% recycled glass and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. For more info on all Aerolite Specifications, it is important to read this page.


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