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Aerolite 50mm Price


50mm Aerolite Insulation is the perfect solution to top up your existing insulation and make your home more energy efficient. The Only Insulation Specified For Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls.

Aerolite 50mm Price For DIY Installers

With our Aerolite 50mm marked down substantially for this month, take advantage and save energy. Our 50mm Aerolite Price is unmatched in SA. We have compiled an Aerolite tutorial Video for DIY Aerolite Installers to help installers ensure the insulation is fitted correctly.

As listed above, the Aerolite 50mm Price has been marked down by almost 10.24%. The roll is ideal as a top-up on homes that have installed the Aerolite 100mm. It will then make these homes SANS-compliant as per the new legislation.

Aerolite Price For Diy

The new legislation allows for an R-value of 3.70 when installed. This R-value of 3.70 must include insulation and Roof space. All Aerolite Insulation products are SABS approved.

For Aerolite Specifications, visit our page to guide you on the product choice.

Aerolite Specifications

  • R-value: 1.25
  • – Installed R-value: 1.65
  • – SANS compliant
  • – SABS approved
  • – 12 Mtrs per roll, Dimensions 10000 x 1200 x 75mm (12 m2 per roll)
  • – NRC (Noise  reduction coefficient) 0.80
  • – Package Volume Per Roll (m3): 0.150
  • – Fire Rating: A/1 Non-Combustible (This insulation will not burn)


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