How to Install Aerolite DIY. many home owners and DIY boffins love a challenge and some home owners just like to save a bit of money. So let’s look at how we can make sure that you have all the knowledge that you need to tackle this job.

Firstly How to Install Aerolite DIY style is not complicated however any Roof Insulation must be installed correctly to get the best benefit. And by this we mean if you install incorrectly you will in most cases waste your money. So follow these rules and you will be spot on with a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter.

Remember at all times Roof Insulation installed incorrectly is wasted money. And you are installing Roof Insulation for energy saving.

Find out how to install Aerolite with our handy Aerolite Tutorial Video

how to install aerolite diy

How to Install Aerolite DIY

All insulation types must be laid flat on the ceiling between the beams. In fact, you want to seal the ceiling area from the home. This will eliminate the heat flow into the home in summer and reduce heat flow out of the home in winter.

Let us have a look at the tools needed for this task as well as what the requirements are. Remeber all new homes as of January 2013 must have SANS compliant Ceiling Insulation as compulsory in all new homes. So First let’s look at what thickness is required for where you stay.

What Are Ceiling Insulation Requirements For Homes In The Cape?

All new homes built in the Western Cape must be SANS compliant in the entire building package. The compulsory R-value 3.70 must be installed in the Western Cape region.

This, however, does not affect existing homes. Having said that it makes sense to install the correct Ceiling Insulation for your region to get the maximum benefit.

The correct insulation to install is Aerolite 135mm. This insulation will give an installed R-value 3.78 when installed. Check out our Aerolite Specifications page.

What you Need for a How to Install Aerolite Project

Remember Aerolite can be a little itchy. So GLOVES are important.

The Roof Space is full of dust so wear eye protection especially on windy days.

Also, the longest wood saw that you can find. As you will need to cut the insulation to fit between the beams.

Very important a tape measure for measuring the beams.

Measure Between the Beams

Take a few rolls of Aerolite into the roof space. Measure between the beams remembering that not all beams are equal. In most homes, the beams are approximately 700 to 750mm wide.

We will always cut between 50 and 75mm more than the beam width to seal the area of properly. The rolls are 1200mm wide so an ideal cut size is 800mm.

This will mean you have a 400mm off cut. Great the 400mm off cut will start the second line so you end up with no wastage.

how to install areolite diy style
how to install aerolite diy

Cutting The Aerolite Rolls

Cutting the Aerolite rolls is one of the most important parts of the insulation job. It is important to be sure to cut the rolls 100%.

There are two ways to cut the rolls. The first option more advanced is to cut the rolls in the roof space. If this is the option that is easier for you make sure that you have measured correctly and that you have enough of an overlap before cutting through the roll.

When cutting the Aerolite rolls in the roof space please be sure to you the saw in a horizontal angle. This is very important. The reason for this is to protect the ceiling from damage. When cutting the rolls if the saw is held at an angle this means you will be cutting towards the ceiling at an angle. Cutting into the ceiling and damaging the ceiling is always possible. This type of damage could be very costly and is avoidable if the correct procedure is followed.

Option two is to measure the rolls and mark them. After marking the rolls do all the cutting on the ground before entering the roof space. This will reduce the chance of ceiling damage when cutting the rolls. When all the rolls are cut then take them up into the roof space for the next step.

Install Aerolite Between The Beams

Now that you have cut the first few rolls of Aerolite with the wood saw let’s start. Firstly use the 800mm section if the Roof is a tiled roof.

Lay the Aerolite down flat on the ceiling. Cut out around conduit piping etc. Once this has been done and all the 800mm rolls have been used we can start with the 400mm Rolls. These will now be laid out on the ceiling in two sections side by side. The insulation once again must be fitted leaving no gaps.

how to install aerolite diy

Down Light Hazards With Aerolite DIY

This is a big risk. Many home owners love Aerolite Insulation because their homes are safe and the product can’t burn. However, Down Lights can cause you to lose your home if covered with any insulation.

As we have said above Aerolite has a Class A/1 fire rating so this insulation will not burn. However when the down lights are covered with insulation and they can’t breathe this can cause a fire.

Wooden batons or beams could potentially catch on fire. Remember down lights can reach temperatures of 270 to 350 Degrees C. Hopefully This guide How To Install Aerolite DIY will be of help.


Our aim is to get as many homes as possible SANS compliant with Roof Insulation choices and save money on energy. At the same time we are doing our bit to look after our planet. As Aerolite Installers for more than 30 years we have a wealth of experience.


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