This is one of the most important factors when installing Aerolite. How Aerolite should be installed is the most import part after selecting the correct thickness Roof Insulation. In fact, all provinces have different R-values to install. Making the correct choice for your region is very important.

How Aerolite Should Be Installed Correctly

  • * Firstly the 135mm Aerolite should be installed in all home in the Western Cape.
  • * The Aerolite Insulation must be laid flat on the ceiling leaving no gaps.
  • * Do not fit the insulation following the roof contour or pitch.
  • * Make sure all down lights have breathing holes in the insulation. If this is not done you could be creating a fire hazard, especially with the 40watt lights. These lights can reach temperatures of up to 270 degrees C.
  • * Preferably make use of a Profesional Aerolite Installers.
  • * For more info on how to install Aerolite DIY visit this page.
  • should aerolite be installed
    should aerolite be installed


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