installing aerolite insulation correctly

07 Sep

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly is very important when you have made the decision to insulate your home. In fact, selecting the right Roof Insulation is just as important.Roof Insulation products are not dirt cheap so making the right decision is very important. And by this we mean the product selected as well as the correct thickness

aerolite under floor insulation

05 Sep

Under Floor Insulation

This might seem a little strange to some people. However, this is an important factor in some homes. In fact, most of the older type homes with wooden floors need this type of application. Under Floor Insulation is installed from below the floor to prevent the cold air rising through the wooden floors. Homes with

aerolite ceiling insulation

22 Aug

Ceiling Insulation

All Ceiling Insulation products in South Africa must be SABS tested. These tests are to ensure the Ceiling Insulation products are manufactured to the correct specifications. In years gone by it was mostly stock market listed companies that manufactured Ceiling Insulation. the Ceiling Insulation products are manufactured to the correct specifications. In years gone by

how insulation saves energy

09 Aug

How Insulation Saves Energy

Many clients are confused about How Insulation Saves Energy. It is very scary to think of our planet without Insulation. In fact, i am not sure what type of life we would have on earth now without insulation. All forms of industry require large amounts of insulation to reduce the need for energy. Every manufacturing

best roof insulation

07 Aug

Best Roof Insulation

There are many Roof Insulation Products on the market in South Africa and throughout the world. Let us have a look at what is classified as the Best Roof Insulation. In South Africa, we have fiberglass insulation products like Think Pink Aerolite as well as the polyester products like Isotherm and Cellulose paper. We install

Sound Proofing Wooden Floors

29 Jul

Sound Proofing Wooden Floors

We must get at least 200 requests a month on Sound Proofing Wooden Floors. This is a simple operation however the process must start at the building stage of the home. Having said that there are a few ways to cover the existing floor. In this post, we will try and touch on both aspects

thermal insulation for roofs

27 Jul

Thermal Insulation For Roofs

Thermal Insulation for Roofs is one of the most important aspects of building your new home. In fact, installing Thermal Insulation in existing homes is equally important. This decision should not be made without the correct thought process. Thermal Roof Insulation installed correctly will reduce heat loss or gain by as much as 35%. The


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