Roofing insulation products reduce indoor temperature and save energy. Aerolite Insulation is one of the most advanced thermal insulation products on the market.


The 135mm Aerolite has the highest R-value of all the roof insulation products. Additionally, the 135mm Aerolite is perfect for soundproofing and improving indoor temperature.

Benefits Of Installing Insulation

They reduce the need for heating and cooling significantly by improving the indoor temperature in summer and winter, resulting in a more comfortable home environment. Tests in the USA have found that homes with the correct roof insulation will recover the insulation cost in as little as 2 – 3 years on energy saving alone.

Homes insulated correctly are healthier because of a more even temperature all year round.

Products like Think Pink Aerolite also offer excellent acoustic and soundproofing benefits.


Aerolite ceiling insulation price

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation All the Best Ceiling Insulation products in South Africa must be SABS tested. These tests ensure the Insulation products are manufactured to the correct specifications, mainly stock market listed companies that manufactured Insulation for years. In the last few years, everyone has been trying a new recipe. Unfortunately, this can result in disaster …

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Aerolite Installers

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly

Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly 07/09/2017INSULATION Installing Aerolite Insulation Correctly is very important when you have decided to insulate your home. Selecting the proper Roof Insulation is just as important. Roof Insulation products are not dirt cheap, so making the right decision is very important. And by this, we mean the product selected and the correct …

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The Best Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation 22/04/2019ROOF INSULATION There are many Roof Insulation products for our homes. However, not all roofing insulation products are equal. For this reason, understanding insulation and how it works will give homeowners a better idea of selecting the correct roof insulation for their homes. Choosing the best roof insulation is essential. When selecting the …

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