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best roof insulation for cold winters

In the last few years as weather patterns have changed we find the summers and winters becoming hotter and colder. Home owners are all looking for the Best Roof Insulation for Cold Winters.

In fact, there are quite a few choices when it comes to Home Insulation. What should guide you into making the correct choice? Let’s look at what to look for when making your choice.

The Comfort Of an Insulated Home

After a tough day at work, we head home looking forward to just relaxing. However, reality sets in as we arrive home to a freezing cold down to the bones. A quick bath and something to eat and off to bed we go.

Is this life oh hell no. Having the correct insulation installed in your roof space will improve your internal temperature by 4 to 8 degrees. Now, this is great a small fire and the next thing you are in your T-shirt and shorts and chilling out. Insulated homes will save 35% more heat than un insulated homes.

What Is the Best Roof Insulation?

When one considers what would be the best Roof Insulation for cold winters there are many factors to consider.

  • Fire rating.

  • # All New homes must be installed with SANS compliant Insulation.
  • # Is the Insulation SABS approved?
  • # Life span.
  • # Is the Roof Insulation safe to use?
  • # Is the insulation eco-friendly?
  • # Will the insulation affected by the wind?
  • # In the case of a big roof leak or geyser burst will the insulation absorb water and potentially collapse the ceiling.

Fire Rating of Aerolite

In fact, Aerolite has the highest fire rating in the country. This gives Aerolite Insulation a head start over most other roof insulation products.

The Aerolite Insulation Fire Rating is Class A/1. This means this insulation can’t burn. In fact, this type of Roof Insulation is what is installed in the UK and most of Europe.

With many homes having down lights installed is a danger to any home owner. These lights must have little holes around them to breathe. In fact, the Aerolite will be the first choice insulation for this as the fire rating is the highest.

SANS compliant Roof Insulation

Firstly, installing SANS compliant insulation in all new homes is compulsory in South Africa. South Africa has been divided into ZONES and depending on the R-value specified a specific thickness insulation must be installed.

SABS Approved Roof Insulation

It is very wise to Install SABS approved insulation in your roof or ceiling space. This way one knows that the insulation is manufactured to a high standard.

Life Span Of Ceiling Insulation

Most insulation products for roofs have a short lifespan. Fiberglass Roofing Insulation will last 25 ton35 years. In fact, in most cases,

Aerolite will outlast the lifespan of most homes. The beauty of this is you pay once and in two to three years you have covered your Roofing Insulation cost. Thereafter with years more energy saving and comfort.

Thereafter with years more energy saving and comfort. It is pointless having the best roof insulation for cold winters if the insulation has a short lifespan.

Is The Ceiling Insulation Safe To Use?

Absolutely the Aerolite has been proven safe to use in all forms of industry. This Insulation has been tested for years and there is no part of the fiberglass insulation that is harmful. There will always be a little itch factor when installing Aerolite. However, a hot shower will remedy this very quickly.

Is the Insulation Regarded as Eco-friendly?

All fiberglass Roof Insulation Products are regarded as eco-friendly. As the Insulation is manufactured from 80% recycled glass and 20% naturally occurring silica sand.

Will the Roof Insulation Be Affected by Strong Winds?

Fortunately, Aerolite Insulation is a roll form of insulation. It is not loose dust type of insulation that gets pumped into the Roof space. This type of insulation will tend to blow to the more dominant wind direction side.

Roll form insulation is cut to fit tightly between the beams. So effectively this insulation goes nowhere unless you have lost your roof.

Insulation That Absorbs Water Should Be Avoided

All Roof Insulation products will get wet if there is a leak in the roof. However, some products will absorb water until the ceiling collapses. This is more the paper type blown in insulation products.

Thermal Insulation Properties.

Install SANS compliant Thermal Insulation for roofs. The higher the Thermal Insulation properties the better the effect of the insulation. In fact, R-value is the best measure for Thermal Insulation. For the best result use the services of Profesional Aerolite Installers.


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