Installing the 135mm Aerolite Insulation in your home will give years of energy-saving and home comfort. It should be noted Think Pink Aerolite is one of the oldest forms of thermal insulation for roofs. The Think Pink offers great thermal insulation benefits and soundproofing benefits for that noisy neighbour. For the best 135mm Aerolite price contact us.

135mm Aerolite Insulation Benefits

  • As much as 90% heat loss and heat gain.
  • Indoor temperature improvement 5-8 degree.
  • Lifetime energy-saving and home comfort.
  • Installed R-value of 3.78
  • Non-combustible fire rating AA 1/1.
  • Soundproofing with NRC 1.1

135mm Aerolite The 5 Star Choice

Aerolite R-value

The think pink has one of the highest R-values in its class. 135mm installed R-value 3.78 with a roll value of 3.38. The insulation is SANS compliant for the Western Cape, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Think Pink SoundProofing

Aerolite Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC 1.1. Think Pink has for years been the insulation of choice for soundproofing. So you have noisy neighbours on a busy road, a single layer of 135mm Aerolite will solve the problem.


One of the Aerolite advantages is the fire rating. The insulation is classified as Non-combustible with a class rating of AA 1/1. For this reason, the 135mm Aerolite is the only insulation specified for Hospitals, Schools, Clinics and Shopping malls.

SABS Approved

All think pink Aerolite products are manufactured to the highest international standards as well as the SABS standard.

TEL Fiberizing Technology

The new TEL Fiberizing Technology means the Aerolite is now one of the most advanced thermal insulation for roofs.

135mm Aerolite Specifications

Performance criteria:

  • R-value: 3.38
  • Installed R-value: 3.78
  • Noise Reduction NRC: 1.1
  • K-value: 0.040 W/mK (ASTM C518)
  • Combustibility: Non-combustible (SANS 10177 Part 5)
  • Fire Spread index rating: Class 1 (SANS 10177: Part 3)
  • Fire Spread index rating: Class A1, S1 (EN 13823)
  • Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1 (EN 13501-01)
  • Packed Volume: 250m3
  • SABS mart (SABS 1381 part 1)

Aerolite Applications

Think Pink Aerolite installed in many applications from industrial to domestic.

  • Installed in domestic homes.
  • The only insulation specified for Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls and Homes.
  • Retrofit in existing homes.
  • Topup insulation.
  • Soundproofing pubs, clubs and offices.