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The new Soft Touch Aerolite is yellow. The insulation has a softer feel and is almost itch-free. Installing 100mm Aerolite Insulation will improve indoor temperature by 5-8 degrees in summer and winter. As a result, you will use far less electricity for heating and cooling in the home.

100mm Aerolite Insulation Benefits

  • It bocks up to 90% heat loss or gain
  • A 5-8 degrees indoor temperature improvement
  • Lifetime energy-saving and home comfort
  • It has an installed R-value of 2.90
  • Non-combustible fire rating class A/A 1/1
  • Excellent soundproofing and acoustic benefits with a Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC 1.1
  • SANS Compliant for coastal KZN region
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100mm Aerolite Insulation Langebaan

100mm Aerolite Insulation The 5 star Choice

100mm Aerolite Insulation R-value

The 100mm Aerolite Insulation is the perfect compromise for homeowners on a tight budget. However, the 135mm Soft Touch insulation will be under the SANS compliant specification. It does, however, give an excellent R-value of 2.90. To be honest, there is a small difference between the 100mm and the 135mm Insulation. But if you are on a tight budget, it will give at least 4-7 degrees improvement in summer and winter. 

Soft Touch Think Pink Soundproofing Benefits

Think Pink has always been the go-to SoundProofing Insulation. We have fitted the Aerolite Insulation in Night Clubs and Pubs for years to reduce noise pollution. The insulation has an NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient of .95. That is equivalent to soundproofing materials, at least six times more costly.

Think Pink Aerolite Is Not Combustible

It is crucial to install Thermal Insulation that is safe for your home and family. Think Pink is the only locally manufactured Thermal Insulation that is non-combustible. It is specified in all hospitals, clinics, schools and shopping malls because of the safety standards. The Think Pink is rated Not Combustible Class A/A 1/1 fire rating. 

SABS Approved

All Aerolite Insulation products are not just SABS tested. They are also SABS approved. 

TEL Fiberizing Technology

The new TEL Fiberizing Technology means the Aerolite is now one of the most advanced thermal insulation for roofs.


100mm Aerolite Insulation Specifications

Performance criteria:

  • R-value: 2.50
  • Installed R-value: 2.90
  • Noise Reduction NRC: 0.9
  • K-value: 0.040 W/mK (ASTM C518)
  • Combustibility: Non-combustible (SANS 10177 Part 5)
  • Fire Spread index rating: Class 1 (SANS 10177: Part 3)
  • Fire Spread index rating: Class A1, S1 (EN 13823)
  • Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1 (EN 13501-01)
  • Packed Volume: 250m3
  • SABS mart (SABS 1381 part 1)

100mm Aerolite Insulation Applications

Think Pink Aerolite is installed in many applications, from industrial to domestic.

  • Installed in domestic homes
  • The only insulation specified for Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls and Homes
  • Retrofit in existing homes.
  • Topup insulation.
  • Soundproofing pubs, clubs and offices and Isoboard ceilings
  • Installed in Drywalling to reduce heat and noise transfer